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Want to promote ethical eating and humane treatment of animals?  On this page we present different ways you can help prevent the consumption and production of foie gras.  To help local movements, see our article on How to Help Local Movements End Foie Gras Production.


In this article, Viva! provides great information on what you can do to help fight foie gras production.  Ways to fight include signing petitions, writing to important people, and going vegan.

The Animal Rescue Site

Help sign the petition to “ban foie gras in the United Stated and protect ducks and geese from being force fed until they die”.

Food Empowerment Project

The Food Empowerment Project offers information on “recognizing and making informed food choices” to “prevent injustices against people, the environment, and animals.”  Your food choices can change the world!

World Animal Foundation

The World Animal Foundation provides information on how to help the animals in our world – for example, by not eating foie gras.  Get involved by reading articles, volunteering, “adopting” an animal, or donating.

Visit to sign petitions for banning foie gras from your country, state, or city.

Care2 – The Petition Site

Sign this petition to ban the importation of foie gras into the UK.