about us

Welcome to Foie Gras Facts!  We are an educational resource that advocates for ethical eating.  Foie gras production is unethical, inhumane towards ducks and geese, and should not be allowed to continue.

My name Jessica and I am a student, environmentalist, and animal rights advocate. This issue is one that is extremely important to me and I am putting together a group of like minded individuals to stop this animal crualty. My goal is to make the entire world aware of the inhuman treatment of these birds and associated unethical food production by bringing searchers of “foie gras” to this website.

I believe that if we are to make a difference in this industry, we must educate consumers. If they were aware of how foie gras is made then a lot more will be unwilling to consume it and pay for it. Consumers ultimately have the power to decide which industries exist and which do not. And this is an industry that should not exist. If we can just get enough consumers to change their habits, reinforced by laws banning this practice, then the cruel treatment of these birds would stop.

I will be working hard to build relationships with important animal rights, ethical eating, and farm animal protection organizations to push this issue and website to consumers. Please help me in spreading awareness and stopping this cruel treatment of geese and ducks.

When I am not promoting ethical eating, I spend time with my two my dogs and living a low carbon footprint lifestyle while going to school.